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New Neighbors League Club of Nashville

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Club Purpose

The purpose of the New Neighbors League Club (NNLC) is to bring together the newest residents of the Nashville area so they may meet and become friends while adjusting to new surroundings. The Club is a not-for-profit social organization with a variety of interest groups and special activities, including monthly luncheons and speakers. The club’s intent and all activities are entirely social.

Moving to a new city can be exciting and exhilarating but also a bit overwhelming. Making friends in a new location can be difficult for even the most outgoing person. New Neighbors League Club of Nashville offers women the opportunity to cultivate new relationships while engaging in fun-filled activities and exploring their new city. We cordially invite women in the Nashville area to join our Club of fun and friendship.

Club History

NNLC is the official social club of New Neighbors League, Inc., founded by Theodore R. Briggs, a former Dayton, Ohio newspaperman, in 1939. From the business of meeting new residents and the experience of Theodore’s wife Bunny, the need for a social group to allow newcomers to meet and associate became apparent. With many moves to her credit before Dayton, Bunny drafted the constitution and by-laws of NNLC with the aid of Ohio’s Federated Women’s Club, chartering the first Cincinnati chapter, in 1943. In 1986, NNLC Corporate and Club Headquarters moved to Atlanta and Cheryl Beaudreault became National President.

There are currently fourteen chapters nationwide. Our Nashville chapter was founded in 1951 by Mary Fitts, and has over 200 members from all over the United States and several foreign countries. Affiliated chapters are located in Alabama, Georgia (2 chapters), Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri (2 chapters), Ohio (4 chapters), Tennessee, Texas and Washington, D.C. Each chapter operates independently within established guidelines and under the direction of a local Board of Directors and a Club Director.


Membership in NNLC is open to women of all ages who are new to the area and have been visited by a hostress and invited to a prospective membership function.

Membership fee is $50.00, which includes a one-time national membership fee of $25.00 with transfer privileges to any sister chapter, and a one-year activity fee of $25.00. To maintain an active membership beyond the first year and participate in all activities, a yearly activity fee of $25.00 for activities is required.

Club Culture

“We are all different in origin. Adjusting to new surroundings while seeking fun and friendship. We wish to be friendly and kind, and to give generously of ourselves to each other and to our club. We refrain from being hasty in judgement and are united in our effort to always greet someone with a smile.”

Club Motto:
Fun & Friendship
Club Colors:
Pale Blue & White

Business Policy

In accordance with the Neighbors League Club Constitution, no one, other than a NNLC Sponsor, is allowed to promote a business through distribution of business cards, materials or other solicitation at NNLC functions; nor should our membership directory be used by members of the club for business promotion.

We appreciate your cooperation in adherring to this request.